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Frequently Asked Questions

Making the decision to undergo the digitization process is often the source of a significant amount of conflict and apprehension from both the potential applicant and with friends and family who do not support their decision. Naturally, many applicants harbor feelings of uneasiness about leaving the world they grew up or fear of the unknown. This FAQ section is meant to provide some rudimentary information, but it is always advisable to visit and consult with your nearest provider about any questions you might have with the process.

How old do I have to be to be digitized?

Legally, the right to be digitized, a right that we believe is unalienable, still operates on the same "Right to Die" or "Death with Dignity" laws in your country/jurisdiction. We are actively campaigning to get this changed as we see it as barbaric that digitization is roped into the same category, but typically the average medical provider cannot legally even consider this option until the applicant is over 18 years of age and considered an adult.

What is the actual digitization procedure like?

The medical procedure is relatively quick, however due to pressure from other countries and competing businesses we deliberately keep the specific details of the process under a strict non-disclosure agreement. It has taken us decades to perfect the process and we are dedicated to ensuring the sacrifices that were made to get here were not in vain. In order to maintain the purity of our process against those that would infringe on our rights the specifics will be disclosed upon signing of the NDA.

What kinds of worlds are available?

After being digitized, you will be placed in the world that you and your healthcare provider have decided on beforehand - this typically is a waiting room called the Wayward Horizon. It operates more or less as an in between world - an introductory area for newcomers or a lobby for others. There is a cooldown period of 24 hours before your first world transfer is available. This has proven necessary to monitor the participant if they have any trouble adjusting. After that time has elapsed you are able to move freely. We have a wide range of worlds available - including several famous movie worlds, popular video-games, and science fiction fantasy lands. The worlds based off of popular films have been rebuilt from scratch, while the video game worlds allow you to be injected directly into the gameplay with the appropriate graphical fidelity. Due to general compatibility errors, anything released on hardware before 2005 is not available. We are expecting countless new worlds to become available every year, so fear not, boredom will never enter the equation.

Can I communicate with the outside world?

Communication with the outside world is extremely limited and can typically only be done through certain websites that have already opened a gateway that allows that particular kind of data to be transferred. Every so often we sponsor a traditional "Ask Me Anything" event where a digitized person (usually apart of the EAP program) will return to Wayward Horizon and talk to the general public, promoting the benefits of digitization and answering questions.

Can I create my own world?

At this time, participants are unable to create their own custom worlds and must use the ones created by Xavius Solutions. We are confident that the amount of variety we have provided will be more than sufficient to last a significant amount of time, even by eternity's standards. In addition, we release new worlds every year once they've been sufficiently tested internally. The aptest comparison is to think of worlds as lobbies in a traditional online game - you can host a myriad of versions of the same world, but each one has the potential to be a dramatically different experience depending on who is participating. There is also the option to turn a world to private - meaning that only those you invite to the world will be able to join you. Worlds are set to public by default.

What kind of people can I expect in public worlds?

People of every demographic and people that are just like you! Those who have been uploaded often have similar interests and have led lives that have brought them to the program. Depending on the specific world you've chosen, you will meet different individuals. Certain worlds attract certain types of participants inherently, and our studies have shown that typically the younger the demographic is the less likely the participants will follow the world's "script". That is to say, events in that world might play out dramatically different than they usually would or sometimes not at all.

Is there pain? What happens if I die?

The ability to feel pain is a setting that is determined by the initial host of the world. Death is dependent on the type of world you're inhabiting. If you are in a world similar to our original reality, upon death you will immediately be returned to the previous day. If you are inhabiting a video game or fantasy world, your death will obey the laws of that world - either removing you from the world entirely (in the case of most fantasy and film worlds) or restarting from a checkpoint (in the case of most video game worlds). Death and pain are always disabled in the Heaven simulations and cannot be overridden. This was one of the features that Xavius Solutions had the most difficulty ironing out before Eternity Project was cleared to leave alpha in 2013, as originally death was permanent and the participant had to be manually rebooted from a sysadmin.

How secure is my data?

Considering our data is our most valuable asset, all of our servers possess several layers of the most sophisticated encryption software available and are additionally backed up at several undisclosed physical locations spread across the globe. There is no risk of the possibility of data corruption in any form whatsoever.

Can I return to the physical world once I've been digitized?

We find that this question often gets asked as more of a nervous safety net and is not really meant in earnest. Establishing a route to return to the physical world remains a low priority for our development team, as there is very little support for it - both internally and with our participants. Out of the thousands of men and women that made the choice to become digitized in our network, we have a 100% satisfaction rate.

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