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Why Choose Digitization?

Human Fragility

Despite our best efforts and medical advancements, the human body ultimately has a finite life span. The unavoidable truth is that from the moment we are born, the moments we have on this world are fleeting. We can prolong the effects of aging with a healthy diet, smart lifestyle choices, and exercise, but all of us ultimately have to face the same reality in the end - death. Since the dawn of time mankind has been searching for an answer to this inevitability.

A Digital Solution

For decades the minds behind Xavius Solutions have worked in over 13 countries in search of that very same solution, but it was only in the 21st century that we realized that we finally had the means to obtain it. Through trial and error, they eventually found that by utilizing a process called digitization it was possible to completely transfer a human's brain indefinitely into a digital network. Though the patient leaves their physical body, their mind and spirit remain completely intact.

A Brighter Tomorrow

This revolutionary new method has allowed digitized humans to overcome our limitations and live eternally in a virtual cyberspace - free from the burdens of our natural world. With every passing year, the list of worlds developed by our team continues to expand - ranging from simulated worlds identical to ours, re-imagined popular movies & games, far away planets, and more. Participants can choose to live in these worlds as long or as little as they wish before moving onto the next world to explore.

An Uncertain Future

In these increasingly uncertain times, the only certainty we have is that one can never predict when their number comes. Although research is progressing into digitization after expiry, the efforts to restore the neural activity required remain unsuccessful. Many proactive people, both young and old, are deciding to take fate into their own hands and are signing up for our clinics now more than ever before. In as little as 4-6 weeks you can have your initial consultation and begin your process towards an incredible journey.

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